3 Powerful Ways To Escape Your ‘Empty Nest Confidence Chasm’


Ok, so you’ve got your life back.

The kids have flown the nest, and it’s time to focus on yourself, your business and making the most of the future.

How exciting!!!

Or, maybe not 🙁

Rather than roaring into the next stage of our lives, fuelled by freedom and inspiration, many outwardly capable ladies are clinging onto the cliff face of change, staring down into a deep chasm of confusion and lack of confidence


Why are so many strong, capable women over 40, stuck, frustrated and either crippled by procrastination?


You’ve been a great daughter, wife, mother, friend, colleague, manager and now a business owner

You’ve made a difference, been strong, been kind, been capable, but now can’t even be coherent when someone asks ‘what do you do?’


You’re struggling to articulate who you really are and what you have to offer the world.


It makes you cringe inwardly, and hate yourself

Maybe you’re not procrastinating, just the opposite, you keep starting new things, coming up with new ideas, and then quickly running out of energy, enthusiasm and impulsion.

Another failed project, that’s wasted your time, hope and threatening the families finances


I get it, I’ve been there, and it was awful.


Let me explain

I had a hugely successful (if illegal and controversial) business with a multi million £ turnover for several decades.

If you don’t know me, or haven’t seen me on the telly, you can check me out here, and then come back…. I’ll wait…


So, that brothel business (Madam Becky’s) defined me for more than 2 decades. It was part of me, it was how people related to me.

I was the UK’s most infamous Madam, the ‘ins and outs’ of the sex industry and sex worker’s rights were what all the TV stations, newspapers, academics and government task forces wanted to talk to me about. (okay and the police and customs and excise)

Helping these often suppressed women was ‘my WHY’, these ladies were the cause I was fighting for, the cause I was prepared to go to prison for.

So when in 2008 I had a stroke, followed by a hysterectomy and seizures that resulted in me selling up in 2010, I had no idea who or what I was anymore, or what I was going to do next. I felt totally lost and directionless.

After a long convalescence, during which I wrote my best selling memoirs MADAM, which I see now, was me, trying to keep hold of my old identity, then I started searching for a new path and purpose.

I felt too old, ill and knackered to keep getting arrested and targeted by gangsters, so I wasn’t going to open another brothel, it was time for me to join the real world. I decided it was time to start a ‘proper business’ a ‘legal business’.

After all, I’d made a lot of money, at the shitty end of the stick, how great would it be to have a business that you didn’t get arrested for! It was going to be easy…

Yeah right!

At the beginning, I was getting paid by big corporations to fly all over the world, and speak to their teams about customer acquisition, retention and loyalty.

It was fun, but I’m way too anti-establishment to care about the fat cat corps and big boys.

I much preferred helping small businesses understand why their customers don’t buy their services, so I started a customer servicing / mystery shopping / consulting and mentoring business.

I joined mastermind groups, went networking and tried to do all the stuff I was told to do…

Blog, tweet, Google+ get more hits, more hits, more hits…

I was overwhelmed, stuck and utterly miserable. I wanted to give up. I was so frustrated myself, and some mornings, the prospect of being me for another 24 hours was almost more than I could cope with.

To make things worse, my kids had grown up and left home, so I had no one to support or look after, so procrastination and underachieving became my default setting as the fear of the kids going hungry and shoeless was no longer a motivating factor.

I started and stopped, stopped and started, went round in circles, wasted money, wasted time, felt utterly useless and humiliated, until one day I thought

Bugger all this standard business practice, I know how to grow a company and make money.

First I have to find what turns me on (shameless pun) and excites me, by tuning into my WHY, (my life purpose), then focusing 100% on understanding my customers fears and desires, then making them feel safe, and giving them what they want.

So, I did

I chucked all the business dos and don’ts out of the window and got back to creating my own thing, in my own way, and helping others do the same



By solving these 3 problems for you


Problem 1. Not knowing who you are and what you have to offer

You have no clarity, confidence or direction, and very little motivation to create a plan and stick to it

You have limited self-awareness, and no understanding of what’s blocking you, and why you’re stuck.

Problem 2. Not knowing who would want to buy anything from you and how to sell it to them

You have no clarity on who your ideal customers are, and how get your message across to them

You find writing marketing, sales and website copy almost impossible and it makes you want to weep

Problem 3. Not knowing what you’re up against, you’re getting in your own way, and not having the tools to deal with your ‘stuff’

As a lady ‘of a certain age’ you need to be aware of what’s happening within your mind and body, that’s potentially sabotaging your success and happiness


How can I help you solve these problems?


Solution 1. Finding your WHY – Helping you discover who you really are and your life’s purpose. What makes you unique and lifts you above all competition

Solution 2. Finding your WHO – Helping you discover who you want to help, and what they need to hear, see and feel from you to make them buy

Solution 3. Finding your hidden head fuckery – Helping you discover that your brain, hormones and genetics are not helping you but hindering. Showing you, that as a human, you are hardwired to stay stuck, procrastinate and eat cake. Teaching you easy methods to get yourself Purpose Powered and enjoying a new way easy, motivated way of living


The first step to escaping your confidence chasm, enjoying your future, and growing your business is for you to find out what’s been keeping you stuck up until now.

Until you understand what’s really holding you back it’s impossible to move forward with any clarity and confidence.

To help you drill down into your subconscious and find your biggest fear that’s ruining your confidence and keeping you stuck, I’ve invented my Madam Becky’s Block Buster, a powerful test to find out what’s keeping you stuck, frustrated and angry with yourself.

There are 2 ways to do this, on your own, with a free download and short explainer video


Coached through it, FREE by me for an hour!

You have no idea, how much stuck stuff I can uncover in you in an hour.


If you’d like to book your FREE hour’s coaching, it’s easy…

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