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About Madam Becky and who is she?

Madam Becky Find Your Why

The grown ups expected great things from a young Becky Adams.


An expensive convent education, ponies & piano lessons.


Becky had her own agenda and fought against the rules and repression of her parents, the nuns, the authorities and social expectations.


Becky Adams opened her first amateur escort agency at the tail end of the 80’s with some mums from her daughter’s school. With zero business experience or training, she built a company with a million-pound turnover and international brand recognition.

In an industry where marketing, advertising and sales are illegal, Becky focused on reading her customer’s minds and addressing their sub-conscious fears of her sector to attract clients and keep them coming…


In her 20 years as a madam, Becky Adams was hailed as one of the good guys in a bad business by the police, media and most importantly the ‘working girls’ and clients.

Madam Becky Find Your Why

As a retired madam Becky found mainstream business practice frustrating, limiting and unauthentic.


50% of SME’s fail within 5 Years and 35% of those who make it say they’re frustrated and miserable.


Becky Adams ‘Business Lovers Program’ has proven that you can live your life’s purpose and create a profitable business that makes you, your family and customers happy.


Becky brings truth, clarity, cake and personal expansion to owners of SME’s and start-ups who feels suppressed and depressed with their companies and their lives.

With seminars, training and consultancy, Becky Adams shows conventional businesses how to succeed in unconventional and stimulating ways.


As a mentor, Becky works with enterprises large and small.


She has grown her clients’ turnover up to 1230% in just one year.


Now a sought after keynote speaker and ‘Find Your WHY’ mentor, Madam Becky also works for the BBC, SKY TV, Channel 4 and Big Lotto Fund as a sex industry consultant.

Madam Becky Find Your Why

If you’d like to watch a few of Madam Becky’s TV interviews, see her getting shouted at, or check out the press scandals you can do so HERE

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Madam Becky Adams, always ready to call the system into question


‘MADAM’ Becky Adams memoir is an Amazon and Waterstones bestseller.


‘MADAM’ was awarded:


  • The Brit Writers Award for Non-Fiction 2012
  • The Erotic Award Non-Fiction 2012


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Waterstones Bestseller 2012


75+ Amazon 5* reviews


If you’d like to read Madam Becky’s hilarious account of 20 years running houses of ill repute, you can buy it in paperback from AMAZON, or download to your Kindle HERE

”…Madam is an emotional rollercoaster of a read, full of wit and humility, not to mention a seriously interesting insight into people and their uniqueness (as they say, there’s nought so queer as folk!) through the 24:7 routine of a brothel. I loved Becky’s tenacity and sense of humour in the face of adversity. I haven’t been able to put the book down and would recommend it as a very interesting read indeed…”

~ Kelly Wallis – Amazon