Find Your Why Madam Becky

How does your business really make you feel?


  • Frustrated?
  • Confused?
  • Overwhelmed?
  • Frustrated by the very customers you want to serve?
  • The wrong kinds of customers?
  • Do you feel that sometimes you’re in the wrong business?
  • That this isn’t what you signed up for?


The confusion around business growth and your customer’s expectations can seem like a never-ending maze.


And finally overwhelm. The chances are you’ve stopped jumping out of bed each morning in love with your business.


The burden of technology, marketing, people and pressures feels like you’re drowning, not waving.

What if I can show you the way to break free from convention and create a business you love?

Madam Becky Find Your Why

Madam Becky Adams – Find Your WHY

With these online courses you will discover:


  • Your life’s purpose – Your reason for being alive
  • What turns you on – What you really want to do
  • Who you want as your customers and why
  • How to create an energising and profitable business model that suits you
  • The clarity and courage to take action, change your life and be yourself


You think you know your ‘Why’…you really don’t.

You think you know your target market…you really don’t.

You think you know what they want…you really don’t.


But you will when you work with Madam Becky!

Madam Becky Find Your Why

Now, I’m not one to boast about all of the things I can help you achieve.


I don’t want you to just take my word for it. Here’s what smart business owners (just like you) have to say about working with me:

When you’re “on purpose” you’ll find the way you look at your business has changed. For the better.


You’ll find it exciting, you’ll love your customers, you’ll take pride in your work once more and you’ll have banished overwhelm, frustration and confusion. I promise!