Why I Want To Help You Find Your WHY

Every morning, as soon as I open my eyes my mind goes straight to you guys.

The people who take my courses and my clients.

I’m on a mission. I want every person from teens upwards to find their WHY.

I want you to not just ‘Find Your WHY’ but AWAKEN your WHY.

When you know WHY you do what you do, when you have absolute clarity on a gut a cellular level, you have the power to say NO.

I want you all to say ‘NO THANK YOU’ or indeed ‘NO FUCK YOU’ to…

  • Jobs you hate
  • Relationships that suck the life out of you
  • Business decisions that are not healthy for your heart or mind
  • Other people’s agendas
  • The law if it’s an ass
  • Politics that harm
  • Education that belittles children
  • Society’s sheep paradigms
  • Your parents negative belief systems
  • The limitations you’ve allowed to keep you small
  • Being kept asleep and subdued by those in power.


I want you to AWAKEN to who you really are, reclaim the parts of yourself others have stolen, become whole

I want you to wield your WHY as a weapon in the battle to fight the crippling conformity of humanity


Yeah, and you lot thought it was all about the cake.

If you’re ready to ‘Find Your WHY’ and shake off some of life’s shit, you can do so HERE

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